Cap & gown & Diploma info

General information regarding graduation

Cap, Gown & Diploma Info

Graduation cap, gown and tassel packets will be ordered for every senior at Brunswick High School in the Spring.  The fee for the cap, gown and tassel is $25. If you already have a cap and gown, you will still need a tassel.  Please note this information during the Senior Class Meeting in the Spring when you complete the form to order your graduation apparel.  If you choose not to participate in the graduation ceremony, please note that too.  Checks should be made payable to BHS.

Graduation announcements and/or souvenir items are ordered separately.  A Josten's representative will be at BHS on January 4, 2013 to distribute this information.  Orders are returned to this representative on January 10, 2013 in the cafeteria and ordered products are delivered at BHS when they arrive, typically in late April or early May. 

General information regarding graduation

                                                 GRADUATION JUNE 7, 2013 @ 7:00pm

Ø      As in the past several years we will not limit the number of people attending Brunswick High School’s graduation.  Graduation will start promptly at 7 pm and the doors to Watson Arena will open at 6 pm.  We ask that you refrain from saving seats.   

Ø      Graduates must wear appropriate clothing to participate in graduation.  Males must wear a nice pair of pants (no jeans) along with a button shirt and tie. Females must wear a dress or skirt, or dress slacks and a nice shirt.  No FLIP FLOPS, or SNEAKERS will be allowed.  No alterations to the appearance of the cap & gown are allowed. 

Ø      A handicap area will be provided for wheelchair bound individuals.  If you or a member of your family needs this accommodation please call Mrs. Kennett in the Brunswick High School Counseling Office at (207) 319-1912 before May 30th.  This will ensure enough spaces are provided.  The handicap area is only for the wheelchair bound individual and one family member; not the entire family. 

Ø      Graduates with the last name beginning with A through K will march in on the right hand side as you face the stage and graduates with the last name beginning with L through Z will march in on the left hand side.  As graduation approaches minor changes may be made to this alpha split.  We highly encourage parents to check with their son/daughter to find out exactly which side they are marching in on.  This will be finalized during marching practice on the day before and the day of graduation.  You may also check with the graduation ushers once you arrive to confirm your son/daughter’s location. 

Ø      This year’s marshals will be the Davis Award Winners of the Junior Class.  This allows the entire class the opportunity to march in and sit together.  Marshals can be identified by their orange gowns.   

Ø      At the end of the ceremony the graduating class will march out the same way they came in and return to the area where they lined up.  We ask all families to go to that area to meet their son/daughter so not to disrupt the recessional process.   

Graduation is a special time for everyone

We ask everyone to respect the rights of others as we are all equally excited for these graduating seniors


If you have any questions regarding graduation, please contact Mrs. Kennett @

the Brunswick High School Counseling Office at 319-1912. 


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