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To Join the Alumni Page: Send email to Dan Dearing.  Please include Class Year, Name, email address

Other sources for Brunswick High School Alumni Information: http://www.bhsalumniassociation.com ,        http://brunswick.alumniclass.com/ and http://www.myschoolreunited.com/BrunswickME/


Reunion Information:  Brunswick High School does not organize or participate in the planning of class reunions, but will add information of your class reunion to this webpage as a courtesy to your class.

Reunion Updates:


BHS Class of 1986 25th Class Reunion
date: July 16, 2011 8-12
Location: The Taste Of Maine, Woolwich
This event is for adults only. Please bring a guest if you'd like! We will have a DJ ( Bill Bodwell, Class of 85' ) dancing, trivia, and snack food. Dinner will not be served. Dress is casual, but wear whatever you want! Cost is $25 per person. Checks should be made out to BHS Class of 1986 and mailed to:

Nancy Greindl, 248 Meadow Cross Road, Topsham, ME 04086

RSVP's and payments received after June 1st will increase to $30 per person

You can also find me on facebook:


 "Missing" classmates.   Eric Unruh*David Tillman*Erin Tobin*Gustavo Tella*Kim Smith*Mark Shockley*Norbert Ryan*Gary Roy*Edwin Rogers*Mike Reynolds*Willie Prindall*Tina Poseno*Rosemary Phillips*Katherine Page*David Norman*Terry Morrill*Darin Matthews*John Lafrance*Rick Lachance*Mark Jensen*Asmus Hess*Wally Handfield*Sean Green*Mike Goudreau*Brian Goodwin*Michael Giberson*Donna Faraldo*Tracy Dyer*Diane Dube*Joseph Dubert*Doreen Derosier*Thomas Darley*Ted Clark*Dione Churchward*Paul McGuire*Michelle McGuire*Michael Cebrik*Valerie Burton*Carrie Burton*Steve Bukowick*Jimmy Brawn*Greg Barlag*Kelly-Ann Bisson*Michelle Bellock


BHS Class of 1971 40th Reunion
Friday, July 22, 2011 Cocktail Party at the Captain Daniel Stone Inn, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Cost: $10/person
Saturday, July 23, 2011 Dinner-Dance with DJ Dan Giroux at the Taste of Maine in Woolwich, 6:00 – 11:00 p.m. Cost: $60/person
Reservations and payment must be received by July 15. Please make checks payable to BHS Class of 1971 Reunion and mail to:
Mike Baribeau
51 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, ME 04011
Roxanne (Smith) Jones
P.O. Box 124
Harpswell, ME 04079

For more information:
Mike Baribeau: mbarib@aol.com
Roxanne (Smith) Jones: Roxanne@hurleycomm.com
Sharon (Hinckley) Costedio: ssmaine@comcast.net

BHS Class of 2001 10 year reunion June 24th and 25th 2011

Cocktail Social on June 24th, location TBD

Family Day on June 25th  at Thomas Point Beach


Please contact David Haas @ 785-230-9321

or visit the Class Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=133779893766


BHS Class Of 1991  20th Class Reunion
Date: Saturday July 30, 2011 6-11 pm
Location: The Taste Of Maine- Woolwich, Maine
Adults Only $55.00 per person, Guest Welcome
Cocktail Hour, Welcome Toast, Maine's Fine Food Bounty, Buffet Dinner
Full Pay Bar, Memory Lane Presentation
Music & Dancing
After Party: Sea Dog Brewery, Topsham Maine After 11pm
Sunday July 31, 2011 Family Picnic
11 am to Whenever
White's Beach, Brunswick Maine
BYOE ( Bring your own everything )
All event info and Weekend Reunion Schedule along w/ ticket Purchase is at:
or contact Cindy White/ Julie Fortin on Facebook
or bhs1991reunion2011@gmail.com

The Class of 1973 is planning ahead: 4Oth reunion July 19-20, 2013

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Classes of the 1940's

1941 Lorenzo Gaudreau at rolarg@verizon.net

1945 Ralph Kelly at kellymaine1@prexar.com

Classes of the 1950's

1952 Richard A. Bryant at rbryant@clinic.net
1952 Patricia A. (Bryant) Wall at Roypat@worldnet.att.net
1954 Connie Livernois Carlson at ceejay@suscom-maine.net

1954 Lande (Roland Labbe) Byers at landebyer@home.com
1954 Phil Hall at
1955 Pamalee J. (Elie) Labbe at hearthside@suscom-maine.net

1956 Donald M. Carr at carr426@gmail.com

1958 Randolph Simmons at rsimmons@uio.satnet.net

1959 Alexander Richard Koch at arkoch@earthlink.net
1959 Muriel Strange at   disneylvr@ime.net
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Classes of the 1960's

1960 Viv Livernois Finneran  at billvivfinn@aol.com

1960 Carol Crowder Lechner Lively at staugjag@aol.com
1960 Gertrude (Brawn) Flamboe at eflamboe@earthlink.net

1960 Fred Miles @ Fnjmiles@aol.com

1961 Jacqueline Labbe at Guerette@jguerette@peoplepc.com

1961 Deanna M. Williams Thibeault @ dmrrthibeault@sbcglobal.net

1961 Deanna M Williams Thibeault and Robert R Thibeault at dthibeault5@roadrunner.com

1962 Bill Abplanalp at bapple01@msn.com

1962 Sarita Williams Benoit at sarita@gwi.net

1962 Patricia A. Gott Bergeron at bergeron@suscom-maine.net

1962 David L. Hannaford at dhannaford01@comcast.net
1962 Ruth White Mesarch at Ruth_Mesarch@Juno.com
1962 Dale V. Moeykens at moeykens@ime.net

1962 Dave Packard at davidpackard@sbcglobal.net

1963 Heinz Behrmann from Germany @ Behrmann-Schladen@t-online.de

1963 Walt (Wally) Collins at wallysarcadia@gmail.com

1963 Barbara (Greene) Hoskins at  hoski3@aol.com

1963 Monique Potee at monique@clinic.net

1963 Marcel "Butch" Theberge at marcel.theberge@yahoo.com

1964 Jerry Favreau at gskfavre@suscom-maine.net

1964 Billy Field at wfield@gwi.net

1964 Stuart "Bill" Foster at swfoster@shentel.net

1964 Carol A. (McCarthy) McKinney at mckin@megalink.net

1964 Jann (Lynch) Minzy at Jminzy@u74.k12.me.us

1964 Nancy (Lamarre) Presby at nancy.presby@suscom-maine.net   

1964 Jeannine (Pelletier) Steidl at lightbearer@comcast.net   

1965 Donna (Burow) Barrett at quilter29@live.com

1965 Nancy (Ellis) Curtis at nancymcurtis@gmail.com

1965 Susan L. Diplock at suscons@uflib.ufl.edu

1965 Deborah Gould at dhgould@gwi.net

1965 Nancy (Messier) Hudson at CHARNANCH714@AOL.COM

1965 Lucille (Fortin) Jeffery at tialulu@blazenetme.net

1965 Dennis King at dendia1@netzero.net

1965 Alan Ladd bearcat1519@aol.com

1965 Danny "Peanuts" McDonald at bdmcdonald@suscom-maine.net  

1965 Sandra K McMurray at skmc69@yahoo.com

1965 Norman J. Michaud at michaujn@aol.com

1966 Lucy Pelletier Behnke at eljabe48@comcast.net

1966 Donna Davis Bernhardi at john_donna@verizon.net

1966 Donna Lee Campbell (Goodwin) at lddg@earthlink.net

1966 Mary Ellen Gott Cooper at singleagain54@hotmail.com

1966 David Fuller at drfecho@wildblue.net

1966 Donna (Brawn) (Lacy) Gagne at nanax9@adelphia.net

1966 Mary Hazelton at mlhazelt@blazenetme.net

1966 Allen Kardell at bga47@sbcglobal.net

1966 Kristine Warming Lichtenber at tinaw48@hotmail.com
1966 and 1967 Cathy Piippo Marquez at suomi48@aol.com

1966 Brenda Baldwin McDonald at bdmcdonald@suscom-maine.net

1966 A. Richard Mears and Lydia Bibber Mears at richlydia@suscom-maine.net

1966 JoAnne Rush Peabody at jpeabody@midcoasthealth.com

1966 Ruth (Woods) Thibodeau at rthibodeau@suscom-maine.net 

1966 Phil Upham at warpig2@msn.com

1966 Phyllis Anne Morais Walker at Walker-r-p@att.net    

1966 W. David Watson at wdwatson@suscom-maine.net

1966 Sherman Wright at xoff@earthlink.net

1967 Lola (Thibodeau) Charron at lola@gwi.net

1967 Marilyn Marston Dill at richard.dill@comcast.net

1967 Ron Oddo at rfoddo@comcast.net

1967 Linda Footer Orr at mainexiles@adelphia.net

1967 Priscilla M. (Labbe) Stevens at Pacls@comcast.net

1967 Suzanne L (Lavoie) Lemire at lavlem67@aol.com

1967 Sheri (White) Testa at testa1989@comcast.net

1967 Patrick L. Theberge at  admiral@cruise-vacations-inc.com
1968 Louis P. Boucher at lpbouch219@aol.com

1968 Leon W. Derocher  at  Leonrene@aol.com

1968 Rosita R (Chapa-Vachon) Ingerson ringerson1@cox.net

1968 Mieka A. (Tomko) Gerard at mtgerard@verizon.net

1968 Glenn Jauer at gjauer@yahoo.com

1968 Suzanne Sylvester at SuzanneSylvester@aol.com

1968 Linda Tudury at LINDAKY23@AOL.COM

1969 Gloria (Pinkham) Atteberry  at tmatt@earthlink.net

1969 Peter Bernier  Class at pbernier@suscom-maine.net

1969 Linda Coffin at pmatthias@edgenet.net

1969 Steve L. Jame at woodenlegseagle@yahoo.com

1969 Trudy Miller Foss at taxingtrudy@roadrunner.com

1969 Anne (Baker) French at abf6n@virginia.edu

1969 Pauline Nadeau at m23p51j92@gmail.com

1969 Marcia (Bales) Quinn at mmmfire@earthlink.net

1969 Pamela (Leavitt) Wright at  info@bipprint.com

1969 Mark Tanner at m_tanner@bellsouth.net

1969 Mark S Royall class of 1969 at royphoto@gwi.net

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Classes of the 1970's

1970 Doris (Plourde) Ash at doris@dorisash.com

1970 Bill Charlson at charlson@sccoast.net  

1970 Nancy (Hutchinson) Christopher at nchristopher52@verizon.net

1970 Patrice Rene'  (DeLoach) Derocher at Leonrene@aol.com

1970 Franne Ross Golan at purplegimp@013.net

1970 Russell "Stu" Hockridge at stuh@thosmoser.com

1970 Penny (Eustathion) Koucoules at geokou@suscom-maine.net

1970 Barbara Mayer at N2PEPSI@AOL.COM

1970 Mark Rideout at rideout@suscom-maine.net

1970 Thomas G. Stavropoulos at cohibaguy@aol.com 

1971 Clinton B. Cunningham at denclint@chartermi.net

1971 Peter Darling at petedarling@cundysharbor.com

1971 John W. Hampton at john.hampton@snet.net   

1971 George Koucoules at geokou@verizon.net

1971 Albert McFarland at almcfarland@bellsouth.net

1971 Cathy E.[Moody] Pennell-Moody at cepennell@clinic.net

1971 Julie M.(Jewett) Velazquez at Jewell5399@aol.com

1971 Rocky Scott at maineguy@fairpoint.net

1971 Marc A. Theberge at mtheberg@blazenetme.net

1971 Steve Theberge at sat200@yahoo.com

1971 Peggie (Parker) Wing at  peggiew@suscom-maine.net

1971 Janice E. (McLellan) York at janice71@blazenetme.net

1972 Barbara Bernier Desmarais at desmarais55@hotmail.com

1972 John W Maciejewski, Jr. at joncol@blazenetme.net

1973 Jill Pelletier Allen at jmpa55@yahoo.com

1973 Beverly (Baldwin) Bonenfant at bev_bon@yahoo.com  

1973 Scott R. Bruce at sbruce@generationsfg.com

1973 Robin Lyn (Clark) at climbingm6@gmail.com

1973 Ann M. Gagne at lagagne@comcast.com

1973 Linda (Elwell) Dodson at rlnad@yahoo.com

1973 Larry Fulton at llfulto@comcast.net

1973 Deborah (Gerow) Grant at debskitchen@adelphia.net

1973 Clark Labbe at clarklabbe@verizon.net

1973 Roger L. Lachance at speedy@knology.net

1973 Deborah Leeman  at treehouse7@earthlink.net

1973 Jane LeGendre Muszynski at Janesusan@earthlink.net

1973 Suzanne (Racine) Pearce  suepearce14@hotmail.com 

1973 Nancy Curtis-Strange and Michale Strange at nansea@suscom-maine.net 
1973 Holly (Kaknes) Sullivan at sullivanhk@msn.com 

1973 Suzanne (Bernier) Theberge at mtheberg@blazenetme.net

1973 Ellen Luce Warren at elwalien@aol.com

1973 Barbara A. Theberge at btheberge@timesrecord.com 

1973 Mary Ann (Muller) Wilson at mwilson@brunswick.k12.me.us

1974 Elizabeth (Betsy) Clark Alexander at BetsAlex@aol.com

1974 Timothy R. Clark at  cbd@netins.net
1974 Arthur Day at artday@email.msn.com

1974 Cornelius Donovan at cccpt@rcn.com

1974 Joy (Gatewood) Fulton at fulton@his.com

1974 Laurie (Roode) Jones at Jones5@Blazenetme.net
1974 Karen (Rowley) Leedom  at

1974 Debbie Prosise-Kinney  at   dlkinney@mindspring.com
1974 Linda (Letarte) Page at smojo@blazenetme.net
1974 John Sweeney at  sweeneyj@jaycoservices.com  or  sweeneyjo@hotmail.com

1975 Teresa Lourdes ‘Pfeiffer’ Ackerman at Luzinit02ta@yahoo.com

1975 Toby Haley Beger at cbeger@cfl.rr.com

1975 Louise (Bernier) Burgess at  jpblgb818@yahoo.com

1975 Eric Bryant at Eric.J.Bryant@Maine.gov

1975 Chris (May) Charette at Charette@suscom-maine.net

1975 Kim Clark 1975 clarkkimmer@yahoo.com

1975 Vickie (Malloy) Clark at vlm@suscom-maine.net


1975 Dorothy (Davis) Capone at MomDottie03@aol.com

1975 Emile Cardali at caparrapmi@yahoo.com

1975 Tracie Morgan D'Alessio at tmdalessio@hotmail.com

1975 Bill Donovan at donovan@clinic.net
1975 Cindy (Gray) Dudley at  dudleys2@cox.net

1975 Mary Ann Green at tmg@suscom-maine.net
1975 Carol Hendrickson at

1975 Lucy (Caswell) Hilburn at lucyhilburn@aol.com 

1975 Mary Atkins Holt at maholt@bellsouth.net

1975 Keith A. Koehler at kkola@usa.com

1975 Seth McFarland at seth444ak@hotmail.com

1975 Gregory Mehlhorn at mehlhorn@adelphia.net
1975 Janet (Greene) Mills at janetmills@gwi.net

1975 Linda Hinckley Morris at axmorris@suscom-maine.net

1975 Gib Wood at browoody@t-online.de

1975 Ivy Cilley (St.Pierre) at icilley@franklin.k12.nh.us or icilley@verizon.net

1975 David Plummer at dwplummer@comcast.net   

1975 Kathleen Strange Clemons at kathleen@kathleenclemonsphotography.com

1975 Doug Stone at dstone@score.com

1975 Leo Theberge at leot@suscom-maine.net

1975 Wayne Watson at wayne.watson@fljack.ang.af.mil or at wwloneeagle1957@yahoo.com

1976 Elizabeth (Betsy) Alexander (formerly Clark) at betsalex@verizon.net

1976 Gregg Alexander at boglords@gmail.com

1976 Edythe (Morgan) Dersham at edersham@suscom-maine.net

1976 Nathan Grimes at nathan_grimes@hotmail.com

1976 Dick Lancaster at lanc@suscom-maine.net

1976 Karen Labbe Lockwood at karenlockwood@maine.rr.com

1977 Proserfina (Rosette) Bennett at proserfina.bennett@umit.maine.edu

1977 Deborah L. (Shelley) Bedard at hobbydiva1@gmail.com

1977 Walter R. Hawranek at walter.hawranek@appl.ge.com

1977 James Krug at mckinneylawyer@hotmail.com
1977 Linda (Baird) McDermott at lindamcd@owls.madhs.mad.k12.me.us

1977 Michael Moeller at moellers1@earthlink.net

1977 Susan (Morse) Rutledge at srutledge@camber.com

1977 Susan Novak at smnrn04@verizon.net

1977 Christine L. Poultney (Perdok) at crpoultney@roadrunner.com

1977 Gayle (Hanna) Schmidt at Schmidt1076@roadrunner.com

1977 Patricia (Campbell) Stadlberger at pmberger@aol.com

1978 Steven R Benoit at srb1960@sbcglobal.net

1978 Cindy Aumick-Biette at caab317@yahoo.com

1978 Cynthia (Mann) Coffelt at thecoffelts@juno.com 

1978 Scott Cowger at scott@MapleBB.com Cell phone 207-462-7701

1978 Betsy Henry at bhenry01@nycap.rr.com

1978 Kevin Dunn dunnk@us.ibm.com

1978 Kirsten Johnson Gagnon at autumnk@roadrunner.com or kirsten.gagnon@verizon.net

1978 Donna (Kindlimann) Libby dlibby1@pipeline.une.edu 

1978 Tim May jmay@suscom-maine.net 

1978 Lyla Ross at lylaross@yahoo.com

1978 Lisa Schneider (Sedlock) at Schneider7736@roadrunner.com

1978 Tim Self at tself@bellsouth.net

1978 Alfred Thiboutot at ajthiboutot@yahoo.com

1978 Mary B.White at mbwhite1960@yahoo.com

1978 Frank Yacano Class at frankyacano@comcast.net

1979 Deborah (Libby) Bachelder at dbachelder@erieco.gov 

1979 Jerry Bedard at  Redsoxfan119@aol.com

1979 Jay Brosnan at rescuejay@gmail.com

1979 Dan Drouin at dan.drouin@gmail.com

1979 Katie (Karen Giddinge ) Guy at happy_katie1@yahoo.com

1979 Lisa (Hoffman) Gutkin at lisajoy@netscape.net

1979 Brian Latta at mbl2@cox.net
1979 Patty Leonard Moser at Sadiemoe@aol.com

1979 John P. Ouellette at kmosdad@comcast.net

1979 Stanley Peterson at lakesidetwo@verizon.net
1979 Roseann Hite Schacht at 

1979 Julie Stanton at fountainhd@aol.com 

1979 John Stroud at jstroud@maine.rr.com
1979 Frank Wright at GSamar2886@aol.com
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Classes of the 1980's


1980 Rahim Ali at  rahimkali@bellsouth.net

1980 Crispin A. Banda (Chico) at Crispin.Banda@usarc-emh2.army.mil

1980 Beverly "Dee" (Aumick) Colson at tdljc@yahoo.com

1980 Ken Cribbs at kcribbs@crosslink.net

1980 Dave Drehobl at dadreho17@yahoo.com

1980 David Heintz at dcheintz@charter.net 

1980 Brian Favreau at bfavreau@earthlink.net

1980 Gary Fuller at gary.fuller@maine.edu
1980 Tracy Furrow Hill at tracylynnhill@hotmail.com

1980 Stann Honey at huntinggod2000@yahoo.com

1980 Jerry Kissinger at jerannkiss@hotmail.com

1980 Rita O’Connor Maines at rmaines@brunswick.k12.me.us

1980 Sandy (Compton) Ewing at Ewing5@suscom-maine.net

1980 Ken Keys at kennerd2691@aol.com

1980/81 Laurie (Diggs) Bailey little_house@verizon.net

1981 Rick Desjardins at Rick.Desjardins@maine.gov or kdesj@suscom-maine.net

1981 Kurt Dunn at kdunn@blazenetme.net

1981 George Duval at george.duval@comcast.net

1981 Mark D. Dyer at DYER_MARK@HOTMAIL.COM

1981 Earl French at efrenchiii@earthlink.net

1981 Dana Greenlaw at Greenlaw@suscom-maine.net

1981 Kathlene Long at klyose@yahoo.com

1981 Mary (Beaulieu) Michaud at jmhmichaud@suscom-maine.net
1981 Judy McIntire Moon at Irisheden@aol,com
1981 Thommas J. Colson  at thomas.colson@us.army.mil 

1981 Susan Payne Murray at murr62@aol.com

1981 David Rydell at ldrydell@adelphia.net

1981 Todd Settlemire at TTSettle01@aol.com

1981 Ginger L. Smith at  gingerly@roadrunner.com

1981 Todd Toth Class at Todd.A.Toth@us.army.mil

1981 Anita Ericson York at atomko@bowdoin.edu

1982 David N. Burgess at dburgess@bowdoin.edu

1982 Michael Chestnutt at sendtomc@vegas.infi.net

1982 James Fish at jfish@acs4u.com

1982 Wendy Brawn Gilpatrick at wagil@cox.net

1982 Michael Goodwin at  mikeyg_99@yahoo.com
1982 Stewart R. Hunt at Stewlianne@yahoo.com

1982 Bill Moore at  mooreptgbill@suscom-maine.net

1982 Rosemary Ericson Murphy at rosemur@suscom-maine.net

1982 Maxwell (Jay) Perrotta at jay@rocksaltboats.com
1983 Elizabeth  (Laws) Alexander at seabreeze_2002a@yahoo.com

1983 Lynn Thibeault Bolles at lsbolles@adelphia.net

1983 Ellen Clinesmih-Carr at eclinesmith@sva.edu

1983 Jon Carr at jcarr@gdeb.com

1983 Sharon Sailor Farley at msfarley@bellsouth.net

1983 Andy Haer at andy@haer.com

1983 Paul Herbert at herbertp514@yahoo.com

1983 Ken Husman at husman@megalink.net

1983 Lawrence P. Joy at larryjoy@rocketmail.com
1983 David Libby at davlibby@aol.com

1983 Brenda Lesieur Pinkham at ngpinkham@msn.com 
1983 Ken Sanders at

1983 Dianne Gray at hawkeye@suscom-maine.net

1983 Kate (Gardner) Wagner at kategwagner@comcast.net

1983 Joanne (Nelson) Wrede at JNRWREDE@aol.com

1983 Phyllis Gamache-Jensen at chiefsmess@hotmail.com 

1983 Chris Johnson at vtdownhiller@yahoo.com

1983 Tracy (Cabot) Peters at Perry399@aol.com

1983 Jackie Lee Thompson at jtom1876@hotmail.com

1983 Scott Weatherbie at sweathe1@tampabay.rr.com

1984 Denise (Homer) Beavers at maine.moose@comcast.net

1984 John Benoit at firstdue@gwi.net

1984 Jeff Calloway at jcalloway@portlandmaine.gov

1984 Phenelupe Rosette Corea at PhenyCorea@aol.com

1984 Tina L. (Wilson) Cagle at lobster4me@peoplepc.com

1984 Lisa Dall at Lacarter2@cox.net
1984 Andres Endara at chicoandy@hotmail.com

1084 Dawn M. (Thibeault) Easterling at dawnderek@bellsouth.net

1984 Laurieanne Fournier at  boojlf@hotmail.com

1984 Evelyn (Gilley) Medina at ev.1@juno.com

1984 Jack Moore at  johnpatrickmoore@yahoo.com   

1984 Jeanette Ann (Miller) Morse at jammorse@suscom-maine.net

1984 Pamela (Antonio) Tevanian at ptevani@maine.rr.com

1984 Thomas R. Thibeault at dmrrthibeault@sbcglobal.net

1984 Jim Underwood at  junderwood@dodi.com

1985 Robert Antonio at  rob.antonio@yahoo.com

1985 Randy Chase at randallcha@yahoo.com

1985 Kristin Street Holland at rrsabass@suscom-maine.net 

1985 John Kaiser at ronjon@ctel.net

1985 Stuart Lambert at slamber1@maine.rr.com

1985 Holly (Hodgdon) Lombardo at hlombardo@eliotmontessori.org

1985 Dawn Marie(McFarland)Manter at sdckj@roadrunner.com
1985 Doris Malinowski at doris.malinowski@worldnet.att.net

1985 Todd MacDonald at Toddmacd@yahoo.com

1985 Scott Thomas Mercier at ScottMercier@gmail.com

1985 Dianna Dixon Morin at dixdee67@aol.com

1985 George Morin at oneofakind@prexar.com

1985 Heather Purdy-Scroggins at sheffwed@webtv.net

1985 Sandra Graves Taylor at plum911@yahoo.com

1985 Mark Tupper at matupper@roadrunner.com

1985 Vernon Roderick at handsome8692@yahoo.com

1985 Richard Wagner at rwagner@lemasterdaniels.com

1985 David White, Jr. at  heydavewhite@earthlink.net

1986 Liana Ault (Ali) at liananault@verizon.net

1986 Jose C. Arteiro at jose.arteiro@autec.navy.mil

1986 Michael Bowe (McGuire) at mikebowe123@gmail.com

1986 Patrick Brosnan at  tadatsune@yahoo.com

1986 Rebecca (Knight) Bisson at bissons@verizon.net

1986 Melissa Carroll at mcarroll@houstonballet.org

1986 Craig Carey at CraigECarey@AOL.Com

1986  Dan Cronin at dcronin16@yahoo.com

1986 Lee Knowles at sevenknowles@myfairpoint.net

1986 Karen Lachance Erdmann at dkjb@verizon.net

1986 Kevin Favreau at gekev@aol.com

1986 Melissa Long Gray at MelissaG@EliteResources.net

1986 Nancy (Fortin) Greindl at liasnan@comcast.net

1986 Denna Hasselbacher at DeesanRN@aol.com
1986 Bill Johnson at topsecret_@hotmail.com

1986 Maria (Brillant) Johnson at mrcharlie@suscom-maine.net

1986 Lisa (Carter) Labbay at yabbal@suscom-maine.net

1986 Shari (Beaulieu) LeTourneau at sletourneau@dialmaine.com

1986 Katie Pulsifer Martin at kmartin@llbean.com 

1986 Karen (Gage) Pickman at karegregpickman@aol.com

1986 Katherine L (Smith) Perreault at leonp@blazenetme.net

1986 Dana (Oden) Smith  at cypressbaymco@bellsouth.net

1986 Paul Snyder at  paul@snyderclan.com

1986 Maureen Strange at  spazcat@blaznetme.net

1986 Chris Thacker at support@thekeeponline.com

1986 Larry Thornton at  thornme@verizon.net

1986 Renee(Brunelle) Williams at iroll@suscom-maine.net

1986 Cindy Wright at Cricket1999@hotmail.com

1987 Brian Bickmore at BRIANB1717@AOL.COM

1987 Jean (Houghton) Brawn at brawn@maine.rr.com

1987 Eric Calderwood at eric.calderwood@verizon.net

1987 Suzanna (Lentz) Charron dalec@suscom-maine.net

1987 Steven DelRossi at delrossi@isp.com

1987 Steve Doherty at lugmanusa@yahoo.com

1987 Elizabeth (McEvoy) Henderson at jandehenderson@aol.com

1987 Erin Rose at kohledfusion@mac.com
1987 Jeremye (Parham) Tunnicliff at  jeremyeT@webTV.net

1987 Kirk Turgeon at kjturg@hotmail.com

1987 Stella (Jewett) Trahan practicalmagik@msn.com 

1987 Andy Wallace at aceciti@aol.com

1988 Kelly (Urbatch) Akinson at kellyatkinsonrn@comcast.net

1988 Chad Carter at flynfly99@yahoo.com

1988 Becky (Ellefson) Hartranft at hartranft4@verizon.net

1988 James Logan at rankrim@bellsouth.net

1988 Steve Masse at stephen.masse@idc-ch2m.com

1988 Scott Sailor at ssailor99@bellsouth.net

1989 Dannielle Beaupre at dannielle.beaupre@comcast.net

1989 Jenette (Sharp) Benham at BIGham64@aol.com

1989 Keith Cyr; Graduated at keithcyr@earthlink.net

1989 Jessica (Parham) Deyarmond at eternalruby@yahoo.com

1989 Hope (Theberge) Dvorak at branter@suscom-maine.net

1989 Staci (French) Roese  at lobsterlady1@aol.com  

1989 Erika (Schlaack) Gardner at maekaco@hotmail.com

1989 Susanne Garside at Susanne_Garside@wrightexpress.com

1989 Jason A. Hill at jhill13@mindspring.com

1989 Jason LaBerge at chosah@gmail.com

1989 Elizabeth Wentworth Leclerc at elizabeth@leclercgroup.com

1989 Jenn (Soderquist) Newman at W: vnewman@acsigroup.net  or H: jennran92@bellsouth.net

1989 Christopher Ray at cmr3464@yahoo.com

1989 Margie (Hymer) Rolfe at yayasister@suscom-maine.net

1989 Darren (Mark) Reeser at varacer516@hotmail.com

1989 Steve Rosado at rosadosm@hotmail.com

1989 Shelly Smith at Shellysmith80@hotmail.com
1989 Kathryn Spearman  at  neuvena@aol.com

1989 Armand (Gregoire) Swain at bejy30@yahoo.com

1989 Leslie (Smith) Webb, 1989 at cwatts5@austin.rr.com

1989 Steven Wing at scw6484@aol.com

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Classes of the 1990's

1990 Robert Bello at robert.bello@navy.mil 

1990 Donna M. (Burgess) Gibson donnamgibson@gmail.com

1990 Matt Callnan at colberon@pwless.net

1990 Michele (Greenwell) Conde at michele.conde@yahoo.com
1990 Jan-Bas de Graaff at jeppegat@hotmail.com

1990 Angela (Laflamme) Bradstreet at ajbradstreet@rcn.com

1990 Amy (Hutchins) Elliott at amybme@nc.rr.com

1990 Douglas Dale Ezell at dale.ezell@dhl.com

1990 Tanya (Snell) Goddard at glowing@blazenetme.net

1990 Aaron Gower at aarong@mit.edu

1990 Christy (Badger) Greer at badgrees@gwi.net
1990 David Ivery at divery@pwd.org or divery@gwi.net or 2078370866@mms.mycingular.com 

1990 Tina (Elwell) Judd at tena_judd@yahoo.com

1990 Sarah (Imes) Keller at k4nh2006@verizon.net

1990 Jason Lamey at badkarma@side7.com

1990 Scott MacDonald at scott@n-a.n et

1990 Tina (Bennett) Magelky at mtmagelky@aol.com

1990 Michael Mori at pmori35@yahoo.com

1990 Joshua O'Brien at sirenscoachjosh@yahoo.com

1990 Marcus Parks at marcusparks@hotmail.com 

1990 Katy (Farley) Pattarini at katydan@earthlink.net

1990 Malanie (Lanie) Perron at malanie_plummer@yahoo.com

1990 Michael Ray at  Mray@barat.edu

1990 Michael F. Ray at 1400ray@comcast.net

1990 Darren Mark Reeser at  gsxr@mindspring.com

1990 Shane Rector at pavingpunk@yahoo.com

1990 Kristie (Bowie) Spaulding at KRISROL@AOL.com

1990 Susan M. Sleeper at susie_pq@hotmail.com and susan_s1971@yahoo.com

1990 Jennifer (Johns) Turgeon at kjturg@hotmail.com

1990 Kacy (Lavallee) Webster at kacyweb2003@yahoo.com

1990 Meg Widmer at  margaretwidmer@gmail.com
1990 Stephen White at 
1991 Roaul Carr at  carrrnc@aol.com

1991 April Logan-Cascone at gragri3@att.net

1991 Emily (Sabasteanski) Crowley at pcrow@att.net

1991 David Douglass at daveandcarey@comcast.net

1991 David Eggleston at egglesd@cvn71.navy.mil

1991 Matthew Filiatrault at mjfily@hotmail.com

1991 Rebecca (Kish) Francis at bfrancis@gwi.net
1991 Anthony Hutchings at antmhu@ctel.net

1991 Rebecca Hymer at rhymer@maine.rr.com

1991 Amanda Ann Johnson at  amandaaj@math.lsa.umich.edu

1991 Heather (Purinton) Johnson  at kids2teach2@yahoo.com
1991 Crystal (Hurd) Kurotori at chkurotori@yahoo.com

1991 Allison (Hagy) Lantieri at  allisonlantieri@yahoo.com

1991 Heidi (Schmalz) Lane at  lanebahj@md.metrocast.net

1991 Jennifer Bates (McIntyre) Larson at batesmcintyre@hotmail.com
1991 Staci (Thibodeau) Lemont at slemont@bowdoin.edu

1991 Lee Lord at para232@yahoo.com
1991 Michael Middleton at middletonmichael@hotmail.com

1991 Christine Mahon at cheermom95@suscom-mainenet

1991 Angela (Gamache) Mitchell at bioangel5@msn.com

1991 Alison Morris at morrisa@maine.rr.com

1991 Kristen (Farley) Neall at tkneall@comcast.net

1991 Eric Nesbit at ericn626@netzero.com

1991 Beth Page at puckdiva@comcast.net

1991 Tracey (Poirier) Peterson at  faithfraser@hotmail.com

1991 Lisa Pletts at lisapletts@yahoo.com

1991 Tara (Glover) Gall at happy4773@yahoo.com (Home) or tara.gall@yum.com (work).

1991 Michael S. Salley at ssalley@cisco.com
1991 Jonathan Shepherd at  shep@alumni.middlebury.edu 

1991 Tami (Crane) Snyder Tami.Snyder@fcps.edu

1991 Chris Strange at  dsnylvr@blazenetme.net

1991 Nathan Tableman at nathan@tableman.com

1991 Christopher J Thibeault at ctbo1973@aol.com

1991 John Walker IV at john_walker_iv@hotmail.com
1992 Heather Anderson at heather@kobie.com
1992 Carl Askegreen at carl@marlboro.edu

1992 Vic Bouchard at Boyrcr420@gmail.com

1992 Ben Curtis at carlb2836@yahoo.com

1992 Kevin Carr II  at  Carrk@mfr.usmc.mil

1992 Deirdre Catlin at  dcatlin_00@yahoo.com

1992 Brad Davis at bdavis14@midmaine.com

1992 Carey Dutton Douglass at daveandcarey@comcast.net  

1992 Zoe Helie at valentinechld@yahoo.com

1992 Stacey Hyde at spiritualseeker3@aol.com

1992 Jason Kariotis at  Kantzer_man@hotmail.com

1992 Michael McGraw at georgemm2000@yahoo.com

1992 Jenny H. Moore at  jennyhmoore@hotmail.com
1992 Raeann (Stacy) Donohue at raeedd@comcast.net

1992 Vanna Sien at vanna_sien@millipore.com  

1992 Robert (chico) St.Clair at chico828@earthlink.net

1992 Todd Sullivan jettavdub96@yahoo.com

1992 Rachele Anna Studey at ranna@nc.rr.com
1992 Stephanie Tolrud at stolrud@paulbunyan.net

1992 Ron Vasquez at  ron.vasquez@lpl.com

1992 Greg Wagner at gmwagner@comcast.net

1992 Angela White (Ward) at wardsa30@cox.net

1992 Jason Williams at Jwilliams_1974@hotmail.com 

1992 Kelly (Prosser) Zito at kzito@pobox.com

1992-93 attended BHS Jason Whipple jasonwhipple@verizon.net

1993 Mark Bishop at mark@bish.net

1993 Jason Glover at jason.glover@uvm.edu 
1993 Shelagh Catlin at shelaghcatlin@yahoo.com

1993 Rachael (Williams) Duffy at rachaelwilliams75@hotmail.com

1993 Dan Dunton  at dan@gwi.net

1993 Stacey Lee Field at sfield@gwi.net

1993 Alex Hill at alexthill@yahoo.com
1993 Jessica Laferrera at Laferrera@comcast.net

1993 Elizabeth (Sleeman) Johnson at elizabeths@graffiti.net

1993 Gary McGraw at the1mcgraws@juno.com

1993 Chad Thompson at chadilac_23_99@yahoo.com

1993 Heather Celli (Frost) at heathercelli@hotmail.com
1993 Nicholas A. Willis at nicholas.willis@umassmed.edu

1994 Carolyn (Asquith) Tebben, Esq. at casquith@hotmail.com

1994 Dawn (Baird) Bell at dawnbell@earthlink.net

1994 Jennifer Coleman at jennifer.coleman@schriever.af.mil

1994 Jeremy DaRos daros@envnet.com

1994 Trinity Driscoll at trin2me@yahoo.com
1994 Carie A. (Walker) Eck at PCECK@MYFAIRPOINT.NET 

1994 Andres Endara at autoshop@uio.telconet.net

1994 A.Will Hatheway at awhatheway@aol.com

1994 Darby Labbe at dllabbe@comcast.net

1994 Bethany (Grover) Larrabee at aunt_putz@hotmail.com

1994 Jeff Nelson at goaltendah1@yahoo.com

1994 Alicia (Ouellette) Morey at aliciaoue@gmail.com.

1994 Shelly (Richardson) Norman at bobelly@hotmail.com  

1994 Tremell Pittman at Tremell911@hotmail.com

1994 Daniel Reynolds at dreynol4@maine.rr.com
1994 Sarah (Snyder) Reynolds at dreynol4@maine.rr.com
1994 Natasha (Watson) Richards at  NAWR@MSN.COM

1994 Anthony Romano at antlaura@ime.net

1994 Cheri (Howe) Siatras at csiatras@suscom-maine.net

1994 Amanda (Normand) Similien at mandysimi@yahoo.com 

1994 Jessica Strelitz at jstrelitz@gmail.com

1994 Steve Temple at templels@yahoo.com

1994 Cara Martin-Tetreault at cmartin3@bowdoin.edu

1994 Sarah Wiederkehr at swied@stanford.edu

1994 Amanda Woodbury, M.S. at awoodbury@suscom-maine.net

1992-1995  Heidi (Yuknis) Fenwick at Fenjo21@yahoo.com  

1995 Pamela (Brann) Migliore at pammigliore@pobox.com 
1995 Ben Carey at

1995 Tahnthawan Coffin-Gartside at tahnto@hotmail.com

1995 Gary Garrett at pahs4@adelphia.net

1995 Deana (Killion) Webber catails1@yahoo.com 
1995 Josh Flanagan at jaflanagan@yahoo.com

1995 Becky Hale at rhale@ngs.org
1995 Tom Herling at

1995  Robyn Hubbard at rhubbard@suscom-maine.net

1995 Sunny Jordan at (H) DaisyLoverGirl77@aol.com  or (W) Sjordan77@aol.com 

1995  Brian Ladd at bkladd@gmail.com

1995 Sarah (Lillard) Ladd at sdladd@gmail.com

1995 Sara (Richter) Libby at SARALIBBY1977@AOL.COM

1995 Eric Nelson at halfnelson9@yahoo.com

1995 Amanda (Howes) Pais at pais0002@excite.com

1995 Michelle (Pruelle) Nelson at sm7476@cs.com

1995 Ingrid (Paul) Tourangeau at itourangeau@yahoo.com

1996 Patty (Thomas) Ambrose at princess_chica78@yahoo.com 

1996 Darrin Bales at dbales207@aol.com

1996 Nathan Bernier at nathan_bernier@hotmail.com

1996 Tom Chard at tomchard@gmail.com and tom.chard@norcraftcompanies.com

1996 Suzanne Long Farrington at smlong02@hotmail.com

1996 Karen (Grover) French at kfrench@suscom-maine.net

1996 Jason A. Gagne at gagne_jason@hotmail.com

1996 Courtney Garrison at courtneyb_78@yahoo.com

1996 Garrett Gustafson at rugbygoose@yahoo.com

1996 Erin (Roberts) Keysor at erinkeysor@gmail.com  

1996 Suzanne Long at smlong00@hotmail.com

1996 Ruth (Kearns) Moulton at Ruth_Moulton@hotmail.com

1996 Matthew Moore at mdmoo@optics.rochester.edu
1996 Steven Moore at

1996 William Owen at williambrawn@hotmail.com

1996 Kelly (Freels) Ranslow at JefHunRUs@yahoo.com 

1996 Jennifer Sahadak at Jennifer.Sahadak@SSA.GOV

1996 Emily Wiederkehr at edwie78@hotmail.com

1997 Kelly Bard at kelwarrior@yahoo.com

1997 Telina "Denise" (Postelle) Barnes at cute_babygirlbarnes@hotmail.com

1997 Leslie (Brace) Witham at lesliewitham@gmail.com

1997 Jill (Moody) Cote at bfitjill@hotmail.com 

1997 Tori (Crimmins) Eckardt at toricrim@yahoo.com
1997 Jessica Crothers at JCpastry@hotmail.com

1997 Kevin Denton at KDenton@geico.com

1997 Elizabeth Dunn at Laflo_2000@yahoo.com

1997 Jessica(Lewis)Fonseca at Jnbabyi@securespeed.net

1997 Justin French at Justin_french@snowe.senate.gov

1997 Barbara (Safford) Garrett at pahs4@adelphia.net

1997 Danielle (Myers) Gustafson at Danielle.Gustafson@TDBanknorth.com

1997 Emily (Stauff) K at erkomiega@hotmail.com

1997 John Marquis at jmarquisiv@yahoo.com 

1997 Warren R Martin II at hoganb12@yahoo.com  

1997 Melissa (Pelletier) Odom at MelissaOdom@alumni.mwc.edu

1997 Season (Ellery) Schwarzbrott at seasonschwarzbrott@hotmail.com

1997 Mary (Beaulieu) Thoits at frgsleap@hotmail.com

1997 Karen Vertilla at vertilla1@yahoo.com

1997 Maggie Wachtl at  wangmeichi1979@yahoo.com

1997 Melissa Yates at myates@northwestern.edu

1998 Kristine (Osolin) at enmank@yahoo.com

1998 Christopher Cicchinelli at  cicchinellic@lake.k12.fl.us

1998 Erika Glidden at eglidden@cox.net

1998 Jonathan MacDonald at jonmac48@gmail.com

1998 Sam Moore at sam_moore@engineer.com

1998 Bill Trufant at bill.trufant@maine.gov 

1998 Ruth Tucker at thesmileyskull@gmail.com

1999 Heather (Hollingshead) Bailey at heather.bailey@maine.edu

1999 Amber Banks at abanks@ciee.org

1999 Patricia (PJ) Byther at Byther7@aol.com

1999 Rebecca (Berzinis) Churney  RChurney@aol.com, Beckaboo3773@aol.com

1999 Jennifer Chop at jchop@MaineRE.com

1999 Jason A. Corscadden at jason.corscadden@malmstrom.af.mil

1999 Jeffrey Darling at darling.jeffrey@yahoo.com

1999 Jessica (Waterman) Entsminger at jessica_entsminger@yahoo.com

1999 Jenean Fahrenholz at jenean1016@adelphia.net

1999 John Fitzpatrick at johnnyfitz_99@yahoo.com

1999 Anthony Price at crystal_tony@insightbb.com

1999 Casey (Mahon) Smart at cmahon@suscom-maine.net or casey.mahon@maine.edu

1999 Billy Thompson at whthomps@yahoo.com

1999 Kelly (LaRochelle) Savage at kelly_savage92115@yahoo.com and kelly_savage@hotmail.com

1999 Sheila (Cressey) Wenger at shwengermail@yahoo.com

1999 Luck Wilson at wilson_luke13@hotmail.com

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Classes of the 2000's

2000 Christopher Brown at brown.2058@osu.edu

2000 Bonnye Buthlay at bonnye@buthlay.com 

2000 Kris Crawford at spitshine@suscom-maine.net

2000 Elizabeth Crockett at ecrockett@gmail.com
2000 Drew Johnson at drew38135@hotmail.com

2000 Emily Koehler at koehler.emily@gmail.com
2000 Raymond Labbe Jr. at redraymon@yahoo.com

2000 Rachael A. Roberts at Calcimite@hotmail.com

2000 Dave (David) Severance

2000 Joshua Siniscalchi at wicca1565@hotmail.com

2000 Brian Theberge at briantberge@yahoo.com

2000 Bryan Wallace at chiefbw@yahoo.com

2000 Noah Warszawski at nsgski@hotmail.com

2000 Tabatha Fetter (Yon) at perishingpoem@gmail.com

2001 Cassandra Atwood at cassgirl02@hotmail.com

2001 Kelly (Thurlow) Foster at kfoster1282@gmail.com or kelly_foster82@hotmail.com

2001 Amy Levesque at Amy.Levesque@maine.edu

2001 Breanna Miller (Coomnbs) at Breemiller13@yahoo.com

2001 Dawn O'Donnell at sunrise1121@earthlink.net

2001 Amelia Golden at ameliagolden@mac.com

2001 Dave Haas at david.haas@richmond.edu

2001 Melissa Koehler at mkoehler@smcvt.edu

2001 Sara Mason at s_mason83@hotmail.com

2001 Justin Nieto at triplel1215@yahoo.com

2001 Rebecca Patton at beccap21183@aol.com

2001 Jason Peters at jpeters7@gmu.edu

2001 Sarah R. Schmidt at sarah.r.schmidt@gmail.com

2001 Joshua B. Welzel at welzelj@gmail.com 

2002 Nicholas Brunette @ brunetten@westbrookschools.org

2002 Keith Hart at keithhart2006@hotmail.com

2002 Mary Beth Kirby YourLittleKirby@gmail.com or mary.kirby@maine.edu

2002 Christopher McCauley at nomad_0305@yahoo.com

2002 Kayla Perry at rudybabe@yahoo.com

2002 Nicole Pollock at npollock@tcmhs.org

2002 Cory (Motyl) Riley at rriley5599@roadrunner.com

2002 Ashleigh St. Pierre at ashleigh.stpierre@maine.edu

2002 Jacqueline Santos at mpenko@msn.com

2002 Hillarie Vaughan at adriasaydee@yahoo.com

2002 Anna Wiederkehr at  anna.wiederkehr@gmail.com

2003 Margot Garnick at Timenroom@hotmail.com

2003 Ashley (Morin) Campbell at quinkylees_mama@yahoo.com

2003 Megan Driscoll at megancdriscoll@gmail.com

2003 Donald F. Pendagast III at  pendad@rpi.edu

2004 Kimberly Stephens (Boutte) at Mrsstephens2007@gmail.com
2004 Kayla Giberson at gibsy2004@yahoo.com

2004 Kathy Flanagan at k_flani06@yahoo.com

2004 Brittany (Coombs) Smith at Smith_cbs@yahoo.com

2005 Kassandra Duffy at krox2005@yahoo.com
2005 Daniel Siniscalchi at daniel.siniscalchi@usmc.mil

2005 Jennifer Greene at JennT406@yahoo.com

2005 Kayla Murphy at murphy.kaylamarie@gmail.com

2006 Jayme Kennedy at jaymek2006@yahoo.com

2007 Maranda Duval at mdmooskie@yahoo.com

2008 Sean Bachelder  at sbachelder@allcomm1.com  

2008 Adrian St. Pierre at adrian.stpierre@umit.maine.edu

2008 James Sinko at James.Sinko@lsc.vsc.edu


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